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We facilitate workshops tailored to meet and exceed your business goals and objectives.


Lead With Purpose. Grow With Intention.

GrowthWay, designs and conducts custom-tailored, structured, and organized workshops to enhance company performance.
Our team excels in providing expert guidance in strategic planning, process improvement practices, and fostering collaborative approaches for organizational synergy, teamwork, and advancement.

Our unique methodology emphasizes teamwork and fosters innovative thought to ensure effective solutions and alignment among all stakeholders in pursuit of objectives and collaborative problem-solving.

In partnership with you, we design a roadmap and develop a customized, comprehensive strategy aligned with your business goals. Utilizing cutting-edge methodologies, our goal is to facilitate the discovery of innovative solutions, helping companies and teams harness their collective knowledge to lead with purpose and grow with intention.

Whether you're launching a new product, growing your business, or driving process enhancements, GrowthWay remains your dedicated partner in achieving success through creativity and collaboration.

Business Plan
Team Meeting
Business Team

Our Services

Workshop Design
And Planning
Workshop Follow-Up
And Evaluation
How We Work

How We Work


Examine the environment, objectives, and challenges.


Engineer a unique workshop so your team works together
to nail the objective.


Elicit feedback prior to the workshop to establish
agreement on the strategy and structure.


Execute the workshop with precision.


Provide comprehensive
documentation on decisions,
designs, and roadmaps.

Consultation Fees: Based on workshop duration and objectives. The exact cost will be determined during the complimentary consultation and discovery call.

Pam Helzner PMP, CSG, HSN

Growth Way Managing Director
Professional Workshop Facilitator

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Pam is a skilled and experienced leader in analytics, strategy, and transformation. She is committed to empowering teams to unlock their collective expertise for rapid problem-solving and innovation. Passionate about collaboration and overcoming team challenges. Pam specializes in driving strategic planning, product design, and process transformation for companies, ensuring optimal utilization of their employees' strengths.

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Why Choose GrowthWay

20+ Years of Experience

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Broad Industry Knowledge

Thought Partnership-Driven

Collaborative Approach

Constantly Evolving

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